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Racial Equity

Our Community Cares Camp will no longer remain silent about racism. We have a mission to create a caring, nourishing community for Chittenden East children where every child can find success. Racism is an issue that harms our kids and community everyday. To better live our mission we will work to understand, see, and disrupt racism in our work and organization. There is no time like the present to do important and needed work. We are ready to build and utilize a racial lens with everything we do. We look forward to having our supporters, partners, and community in general take on this challenge with us.

OCCC’s Ongoing Racial Justice Plan of Action:

  • Provide 15 minutes of dedicated time at every OCCC board meetings to discuss and better understand institutional racism with the intention of relating this learning to OCCC’s policies, culture, and behavior specifically.

  • Host 2-4 racial justice programs a year for the OCCC community, including interns, staff, partners, parents/caregivers of campers, and former campers. Dates and times will be chosen to ensure that the programs will be attended by at least half of the BOD members as well as the executive director. Programming may include book discussions, films screenings, and/or educational workshops.

  • Partner with and/or promote other racial justice events and actions locally to increase opportunities for the OCCC community to learn and be involved in racial justice work outside of OCCC specific programming.

  • Include learning specific to how to talk with kids about racism as part of the all staff training before the start of camp each year, beginning in the 2021 year.

  • Include in the budget each year Professional Development money for senior staff and/or board members to participate in racial justice educational opportunities.