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Your Donation Has A BIG Impact!

When you donate to Our Community Cares Camp, you know your money is going to work right in your community—to feed children in the summer, to offer employment to 30+ teens, college students and adults, and job training to younger teens to prepare them to enter the job market.Please choose an amount that fits your budget, or consider becoming a sustaining member with a monthly donation through PayPal.

OCCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation  EIN 26-4398448


What Your Donation Helps Pay For

$ 71 = one day of camp with two meals

$ 88 = 4 weeks of meals for one child

$ 284 = one week of camp with meals for one child

$ 1,132 = provides 4 weeks of camp with meals for one child

$5,000+ = Makes feeding kids a reality and pays for special programs, music, art, field trips.

Our Donor Fundraising goal is $90,000

Other Ways to Help

OCCC also invites you to create your own fundraiser to help feed kids in the summer.  We can provide you with literature and support if you would like to create your own fundraiser.  In the past, OCCC has received funds from groups selling calendars, organizing a fundraising day at a school, or donating part of the proceeds of another fundraiser.  We welcome your participation in whatever way you would like to become involved.  Just contact us at [email protected].