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Mission, Vision, Values


Creating a caring, nourishing community for Chittenden East children where every child can find success.



Developing a rich culture of community that includes health, safety, happiness, gratitude and citizenship that the campers carry with them throughout their lives.

Core Values:

Nutrition: Combating food insecurity by serving campers two meals a day prepared with fresh, high-quality food and helping them make healthy food choices.  

Community:  Fostering an inter-generational community of inclusiveness and diversity and service.  Encouraging campers to continue service in their greater community.

Opportunity:  Offering access to a variety of activities such as art, music, sports, creative play, gardening, and cooking.

Discovery:  Supporting each child to discover new talents, for each child to glimpse more of their potential.

Encouragement:  Create positive supportive relationships from caring teens and adults, reinforcing good choices in food and behavior.

Empowerment:  Inspiring children to envision their future and work for the common good.

Racial Equity: Learning to understand, see, and disrupt racism in our community. Click here to learn more.