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Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Child Attend OCCC?

OCCC is a wonderful place to spend a summer.   This free summer camp is intended for CESU school district children who might not otherwise be able to attend a summer camp.  

If you can answer “yes” to any ONE (1) of the following questions, then OCCC is the right place for your child.  (We do not require that you give us any personal information about your family or finances, and no elaborate forms need to be filled out.)

For OCCC – children entering K – 6th grades

  1. Does your child qualify for free or reduced meals during the school year?
  2. Does your monthly rent, utilities and child care costs equal more than 35% of your monthly income?
  3. Are you a single parent household?
  4. Are you a foster, adoptive, or non-biological guardian?  (e.g. grandparent)
  5. Has your household recently experienced any of the following?
    1. Severe or chronic illness (mental or physical)
    2. Recent divorce or recent blended family
    3. Death of close family member
    4. Loss of employment, layoff, or bankruptcy
    5. Recently moved to the area – don’t know many kids yet or haven’t attended school here yet
  6. Does your child need help mastering social skills?
  7. Does your child experience social anxiety?
  8. Does your child need extra support to be part of a group?

(note:  OCCC cannot provide one-on-one support for behavioral or personal hygiene purposes).

For the Leadership Adventure Camp (LAC) – children entering 7th-9th grades (9th grade can be intern or camper)

Answer yes to any one of the above questions, or to one of the following questions.

  1. Is your child receiving summer tutoring services from CESU?
  2. Is your child a pre-teen who can’t be left home alone?
  3. Is your child new to the district – no friends yet?
  4. Does your child need or want to work on any of the following:
    1. Self-esteem and confidence
    2. Crafts
    3. Preparing for high school
    4. Preparing for internship next year
    5. Discovering personal strengths
    6. Wants to be with friends in summer – hard to do given our rural setting
    7. Wants to be in an all-around camp to try different things (e.g. not solely sports or music camp)
    8. Doesn’t want to attend a sleep-over camp

If you have any questions  or special circumstance not listed here – call us at (802) 434-6006, or email us at [email protected].